Thursday, January 25, 2007

sorry i blog so much

this poster is on my door.

it's more like this though

so this one time my family and i were playing Jeopardy (the home game). It was double jeopardy and I picked the category art (duh) for like 1600. the answer was like "this artist made a poster promoting piece that depicted an ocean wave turning into doves" or something along those lines. I had just taken history of graphic design but i just couldn't remember Mac Magleby's name. It was driving me crazy because I KNEW it i had just SEEN the poster like a month or so before. My brother, who had read the card and could see the answer just laughed at me the whole time I was trying to remember aloud because I was way off, apparently. Finally I gave up and he read the answer "Pablo Picasso." WHA??? Jeopardy is whack.

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pamturner said...

I'll say it is! Mac happens to be a friend of mine AND my son's Banjo teacher. He teaches guitar and banjo in his spare time. We were talking about this poster a couple of months ago. Everyone knows he is the artist. Shame on Jeopardy!