Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thanks Libby!

^Why Libby is my favorite.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I should sleep more.

I had the WEIRDEST dream last night. And you were all in it. We were trapped in a mall after hours...Jon and Keenan made thousands of water balloons and chucked them at the rest of us from the top level of said mall. I think they made so many that water soon covered the bottom floor so we were all boating around in mini-canoes. I recall Nick sledding down some stairs on some plastic lid thing. Zack was eating a burger? It reminded me a little of that episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark... Watch it Here.

Except we weren't in a video game. And the kid didn't have a mini-canoe. Do any of you remember that show? My dad and I used to have dates on Saturday nights and he would take me to get ice cream and then we'd watch Are You Afraid of the Dark together... because I got too scared if I watched it by myself. (I was like 10. This was not recent)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

sorry i blog so much

this poster is on my door.

it's more like this though

so this one time my family and i were playing Jeopardy (the home game). It was double jeopardy and I picked the category art (duh) for like 1600. the answer was like "this artist made a poster promoting piece that depicted an ocean wave turning into doves" or something along those lines. I had just taken history of graphic design but i just couldn't remember Mac Magleby's name. It was driving me crazy because I KNEW it i had just SEEN the poster like a month or so before. My brother, who had read the card and could see the answer just laughed at me the whole time I was trying to remember aloud because I was way off, apparently. Finally I gave up and he read the answer "Pablo Picasso." WHA??? Jeopardy is whack.


sorry i didn't film everyone's. half of them were films themselves. plus jeremy's was so boring. couldn't stay awake through that one.

golden grahams

TypeWhore Joins the ranks

So, here I am. Well, anyone wanna font?

Lustfully yours,


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

taxes, schmaxes

tonight, instead of reading that 800-page tax packet for eric's class, jenny and i (and her friend) went out to eat. and found out why we should all hide our styrofoam cups from jenny. and our grilled cheese.

you can't really tell, but she has scratched "jenny" "willardson" "grilled cheese" "libby" and a nickname for her friend that i can't remember all into the surface of the cup while we were waiting for our food.

the last one is the puncture wound caused by jenny's scratching.

afterwards i went to target, which is like my new haven. seriously, if you are ever feeling down, go to target and just look at stuff and it'll make you feel better about design and life in general. (don't click on the pictures, they just go to photobucket, i was feeling lazy.)
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Sunday, January 21, 2007

My bad.

So...I left my olive oil in my car....

Olive oil popsicles™, anyone? They're gonna be big.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


hey guys, check out what i just found on pitchfork!

"9.8 out of 10
With their debut album Chaos Theory, indie post-prog rock band Rhombus have upped the ante for everyone in the game. Who would have thought that they could mathematically decipher the code to making the most amazing music in the world? Songs like "Equity" and "Disconnect" are instant classics and simply leave the listener mezmorized. Rhombus are currently playing to packed houses in Europe, but look for them to announce a US tour soon."

wow! who would have thought?

- austin

dining with king crown

mmmmm... i could go for a crown burger right now.

- austin


A short exerpt from wiki-article about Crown Burger...

"Their main store is decorated like a European hunting lodge, complete with a large fireplace, inviting fireside chats. Other locations have a medieval theme complete with tapestries and heavy iron chandelier. Though customers still place orders at a counter and pick up paper-wrapped food when their numbers are called, Crown is more of an upscale eatery. From the counter, customers can see pastrami being freshly sliced from large hunks of meat."

Yeah.. Nothing says "upscale eatery" like "customers can see pastrami being sliced from large hunks of meat."

lesser kings