Saturday, January 27, 2007

I should sleep more.

I had the WEIRDEST dream last night. And you were all in it. We were trapped in a mall after hours...Jon and Keenan made thousands of water balloons and chucked them at the rest of us from the top level of said mall. I think they made so many that water soon covered the bottom floor so we were all boating around in mini-canoes. I recall Nick sledding down some stairs on some plastic lid thing. Zack was eating a burger? It reminded me a little of that episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark... Watch it Here.

Except we weren't in a video game. And the kid didn't have a mini-canoe. Do any of you remember that show? My dad and I used to have dates on Saturday nights and he would take me to get ice cream and then we'd watch Are You Afraid of the Dark together... because I got too scared if I watched it by myself. (I was like 10. This was not recent)

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libby said...

whoa are you afraid of the dark?! my parents wouldn't let me watch that show. but i am watching it right now. did i just see the girl who plays Cher on the tv version of Clueless??
i had a dream we went to new york and i was like "i'm going to go outside by myself at night in new york!" so i walked like 10 feet out of the hotel and was like "oh no i'm outside by myself at night in new york!" and ran back in.