Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Amandanites

Today I told my new roommate I was going to the Amanda Knight building to work on stuff.

She thought I said the "amandanite" building....Like a building full of Amandanites.

She was like, "Did I miss that part in the Book of Mormon?"

I thought it was comical.


austin said...

and it came to pass that the nephites did go up to the land of amandan with their armies, for behold, the amandanites were a wicked and idolatrous people. and it came to pass that the armies of the nephites did destroy the armies of the amandanites, yea, they did utterly wipe the amandanites out, inasmuch that they were no more, yea, behold, there was not an amandanite remaining upon the land, for behold, the nephites had completely slaughtered them. and it came to pass that the nephites did go up and did possess the land of amandan and did give thanks, for behold, the land of amandan was fruitful and did give forth much fruit, of which the nephites did eat and give thanks. and thus ended the fifty and fifth year of the reign of the judges.

libby said...