Monday, May 21, 2007

Double Whammy

Not only did I see a Song airplane on the LaGuardia airstrip, but whilst perusing an exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum, there was a display on our beloved friend, the Target pharmacy labels. OK! I GET IT!

However, I work with a dude who went through the SVA undergrad program, and he gives it a rating of "eh, it was alright. They don't really teach you anything... [because all they do is keep telling us how this one girl redesigned Target's pharmacutical lables and revolutionized the entire world and how we should revolutionize the world too, one easy-to-read label at a time.]"

He didn't really say that last part, but I'm taking editorial liberty to include it, because he said it in his eyes.


libby said...

uuh, i thought i saw Rusty today eh? is that cool?

austin said...

i fell into the ranks. my mom switched my prescription to target.


jenny said...

that's not that cool.


thanks for pulling the blog out of the crapper.

keenan said...

Libby- I actually saw Rusty.. Well, he came by CASE for lunch on friday.

And Jeremy, I definatly will not be going to SVA after seeing thier TERIBLE ads on the subway. Man, a teddy bear in a berret (sp?) with a palette and brush will always be crap! is this Miltons influence?

PS- I respect the Glasier but he still wears the poofy scarf thing spilling out of his Blazer that you only see in mustachiod rich men of a bygone era. Poor Milton